Love is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look which becomes a habit.
Peter Ustinov (via showslow)

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Why do you put your self esteem in the hands of complete strangers?
Helena Bonham Carter (via neymarchill)

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A Giant Twisting Serpent Skeleton Emerges from the Loire River in France

it’s a fucking sculpture I almost shat a goddamn cathedral I thought the serpent lords had come to reclaim the fucking earth

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I’m sorry. Usually I say fuck the truth, but mostly the truth fucks you.
Prior Walter, “Angels in America Part One: Millennium Approaches” (via slizplays)

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INTEL Make it wearable challenge: Team Nixie developed a wearable dronecamera for your wristband

Team Nixie is developing the first wearable drone camera, which can be worn around your wrist. The team will be presenting their prototype for the Intel Make It Wearable Challenge Finale on November 3, 2014 in San Francisco.

For all gif lovers:


[Fly Nixie] [more of INTELs “Make it wearable” challenge]

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